Berber Lifestyle Camp

Opening hours

09:00am - 05:00pm

Phone number

+212 637 390 658

Merzouga desert camp

Berber Lifestyle Camp is one of the best traditional Merzouga desert camps.


My family and I cordially invite you to visit our traditional desert camp in Merzouga, where you can learn about the Berber lifestyle. Are you up for a once-in-a-lifetime experience? Explore the desert in our jeep or on camel tours, then spend the night camping under the stars watching the sunset make the desert come alive.

We’d be delighted to share our love for the Merzouga desert with our visitors. We will provide you with a wealth of knowledge about Berber life, culture, and traditions. We enjoy sharing our Berber culture with visitors by telling them Berber tales, singing Berber songs, cooking delectable Berber traditional food, and describing our way of life.

Merzouga campo tendato
Merzouga campo tendato
Merzouga campo tendato


Berber Lifestyle camp is one of the best traditional Merzouga desert camps with an amazing view from the camp. You will be amazed by the Starry sky in the Sahara. This is your perfect getaway if you are looking for a place to really connect with nature and the people around you. Feel welcome and let us show you the Berber way of living and all the amazing sights Merzouga desert has to offer.

Berber Lifestyle camp has Six Berber-style tents with comfortable beds and blankets. Each tent can accommodate up to three people. We have a 48-square-meter main tent that we use for breakfast, dinner, and relaxation.

We have traditional Berber tents for our guests to sleep during their visit to Merzouga ( Erg-Chebbi desert ). This accommodation is simple and authentic, reflecting the closest options available in Erg-Chebbi to our traditional way of life. Culturally we sleep on the ground in large communal spaces however for the comfort of guests these are private tents with beds.

Guests in the traditional Berber tents will have access to the nearby shared western toilet facilities. The camp is equipped with modern toilet facilities.

Merzouga campo tendato


The Berber LifeStyle Camp is open and available for your stay from September 1 to May 30th. The best time to stay for a cooler temperature is between the middle of September until the end of April.
Because of the low Winter Sun, January through mid-February is a suggested season to visit the desert, especially for photographers. The Winter light conditions are ideal for shooting landscapes. The nights are cold, but the days are bright and warm.

The weather in the Merzouga Desert, although very predictable, varies widely depending on the season. Summers are extremely hot, with average daytime temperatures ranging between 38 ° and 48 °. However, the temperature at night drops significantly (20 ° – 28 °). It’s best to wear light, loose-fitting, comfortable clothing, perhaps with a light jacket at night. During the winter, daytime temperatures typically range from 15 * to 20 *, with temperatures close to freezing at night. If you are traveling to the Merzouga desert in the winter, be sure to bring a warm jacket at night.


Our Merzouga Desert Camp is small, simple, authentic, and comfortable. The camp is located between Erg Chebbi and the Black Desert in a unique and beautiful place, secluded and far from all other tourist camps.
Since its location is ideal for hiking, you can discover many interesting desert sceneries within a short walking distance of the campsite. We want to maintain comfort, in work and hygiene, but eg. Remember that this is the desert, and it is camping.
Hopefully, our camp location can allow you to experience nature away from bumblebees in village life, other tourist campgrounds, adventure to experience a taste of Berber life/culture will make it pass without any of the things you are used to (eg chairs, tables, hot shower).


We prepare the traditional dinner by cooking it in the camp, we have three meals. In addition to the main course (vegetable tagine), we have rice, salad, bread and tea and we also serve vegetarian dishes.

EAT AND DRINK: At the entrance to the camp, a small tent/restaurant serves a simple Berber hospitality, A cup of mint tea, peanut and biscuit.
DINNER: Dinner is one of everyone’s favorite parts of the trip. It usually consists of a Berber pizza, which is a traditional Berber meal. Sometimes we change it up by serving a delicious ‘Berber Tagine’. Side dishes include salads, rice, vegetables, bread, and fruits.
BREAKFAST: Our breakfast includes jams, eggs, cheese, yogurt, etc. Breakfast is light by nature, so you can leave quickly, either to take a tour with us or to return to the village to continue your journey.
LUNCH: Bread, salad, and Berber pizza plus fruit.

Merzouga desert camp food

We offer a wide range of adventure trips in the heart of the Erg-Chebbi and Merzouga areas. In addition to carefully designed jeep tours, camel tours, and hiking, we offer fully customizable tours of your design. Of course, we will help you.

Activities and tours in Merzouga will be among the highlights of your trips in Morocco. For those wondering what to do in Merzouga, we provide information and prices for all tours and activities. Erg Chebbi desert tours are a highlight for many visitors and camel or jeep tours are a must. For anyone thinking about things to do in Merzouga and planning an itinerary, the number of days you have is an important consideration and you need to prioritize your interests.

Camel Tours at Merzouga desert camp

Camel tours in Merzouga desert and Erg-Chebbi dunes to experience the ancient Berber transportation and lifestyle.

Merzouga desert hiking

Join us on our Merzouga desert hiking to experience the desert of Erg-Chebbi and spend several nights in the desert.

Jeep tour in Merzouga to enjoy an adventure in the Sahara desert & explore the Erg-Chebbi areas with experienced driver.

Quad Biking at Merzouga desert camp

Merzouga Quad biking in the desert is an off-road adventure that promises exploration, adrenaline, and lots of dust.


We add to this FAQ from time to time. If you have specific questions or would like to discuss your trip in advance, you can email us or try calling Aziz’s phone directly at +212 637 390 658.

Wear appropriate training shoes, hats, and sunglasses in all seasons. In winter (November to March) you need a jacket and something to keep you warm in the afternoon and at night.

We’ll meet you at Mouhou Apartment.

  • – By Camels take 1h and 30 min
  • – By Car 15 to 20 min

It depends on the season, but the optimum time to arrive is before sunset:

  • – SEPT-OCT : 4h30 PM
  • – NOV-FEB : 3h00 PM
  • – MAR–APRIL : 4h30 PM
  • – MAY-JUN :  6 PM
  • – JULY-AUG : 7 PM

Click on the link to get all the information about Sunset & Sunrise in Merzouga.

Always carry sunscreen (in any season), sunglasses, a cap or hat, long sleeves, and good shoes with you. Warm clothing during the winter, as well as a small pharmacy.

  • – From Marrakech: 565 km – 9 hours drive
  • – From Fes: 470 km – 8 hours drive
  • – From Ouarzazate: 368 km – 5 hours drive
  • – From Errachidia: 127 km – 2 hours
  • – From Erfoud: 53 km – 50 min
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